AotA 34: Built for Humans


“You need to leave the software alone and focus on making my phone not scratch when I put it in my pocket.”

Welcome to episode 34 of your favorite weekly Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, joining me this evening we have Seth Heringer, and Ant Pruitt from Yet Another Tech Show. Joining us fashionably late on the hangout is Joey Kelley and Eric Finkenbiner. This is the first time Attack of the Androids was recorded LIVE as a Hangout on Air. You can check out the footage on our live page until next episode, then on this YouTube playlist I put together. We start the show off with the Phone of the Moment, then get into some more Oracle Vs. Google, Samsung Vs. Apple updates, then we discuss Facebook opening their own app store, and why you might not ever get another Android update. Keep reading after the click for all this plus our app picks on episode 34 of Attack of the Androids. Thanks for listening!

The phone of the moment, for sure this week, has to be the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Let Seth Heringer tell you all about why this phone is completely disappointing him. If you’re not sold and buying it at the end of this episode, we haven’t done our jobs.

Ok, so who’s fault is it that no one can seem to get us an Android update on time. I love it when CEO’s point fingers. Who’s side are you on? Drop us a comment!

Did you get your Asus Transformer Prime GPS dongle? NO. No I did not. But Joey does know someone that did, so we’ll get an update next episode.

Can API’s be copywritten? Eric Finkenbiner gives us an update on the Oracle VS Google case.

Facebook wants their own app store too! Super personalized ultra all up in your third party apps, as only Facebook can do. Joey shows off his psychic skills with a prediction about this. How interesting!

AotA App Picks for episode 34

Seth – Quell by FallenTreeGames

Joey – Missile Command Free by Atari

Eric – Alarm Clock Extreme by Angle Labs

Ant – White Noise by TMSOFT

Mat – Gravity Project by ALPER SARIKAYA

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