AotA 32: The Fundamental Problem


“More rampant speculation from your friends on Attack of the Androids.”

Hello and welcome to another episode in our weekly journey through the world that is Android. Mat Lee here with episode 32 of Attack of the Androids. Joining me this week is Seth Heringer, Joey Kelley, and Ant Pruitt! You guys all remember him right? Thanks for listening and as usual, please share with the social buttons and subscribe to the show!

On this weeks episode we talk about getting a cheap unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus from Google Play, a brief teaser to my full on Android web browser review that should be hitting in the next couple of days. After that we talk about Droidwall and why, if you’re rooted, you should be checking what is using your mobile internet. Speaking of security, we talk about a scary clever Android trojan, but should you be scared of it? Who knows, you’ll have to listen to find out. Get it?

After that you know we have to talk about the Oracle versus Google show. Speaking of lawsuits, be sure to check the feed for a special AotA with Eric Finkenbiner, Chris Poirier, and of course, ME! Oh right, we also covered Google Drive! Check out for some great Google Drive coverage. Keep reading for some show note link goodness, and of course, this weeks app picks! Thanks for listening!

If you are going to root your device, check out Droidwall. Speaking of security, here are a couple of links to the new Android trojan hack. Can a trojan steal keystrokes using phone movements?

Quick while there is still time left, get yourself a cheap, unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Google Play to run on the GSM network of your choice… well almost, depending on where you live.

Who’s ready for Oracle versus Google? We completely speculate. Now I know what politicians must feel like, always talking about topics they have no idea about. Must be nice to get paid for that. Who wins in the end? Check the AotA feed for a special on the lawsuit with expert Eric Finkenbiner and Chris Poirier from

Word on the street is Chrome Beta is going to come out of beta pretty soon. Sounds like more motivation to get yourself a nice dual or quadcore ICS device.

Is your Google Drive ready yet? Mine is now and I have to say, if you were grandfathered in to one of the 25 gigs for five bucks a year plan, you, and me, are hooked up. Just make sure you don’t make any changes to your plan, because you’ll lose it. Bogdan over on the groovy mothership shows us how to start using Google Drive.

AotA App Picks for episode 32

Joey – Carbonite Access by Carbonite

Seth – DoFCalc by Georg Hofmann

Ant – Woot Check by GT Media, LLC

Mat –Wifi Analyzer by Farproc

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