AotA 31: Serious Browsing


“It’s want versus need.”

Hello and good day to all the AotA friends and fans, we have a great show for you on this, episode 31 of Attack of the Androids. Mat Lee here, joined by Seth Heringer, Jeremy Lesniak, and Joey Kelley. On tonight’s episode we take a rumor filled look at the Phone of the Moment, the Samsung Galaxy S III. After that get out your drinks because we have a Republic Wireless update. Then we talk about the new Intel Medfield phone that’s supposed to come out this week, some app updates, the Oracle Google lawsuit, some happy RIM Blackberry news, and of course so much more. Keep reading after the break for our app picks! Thanks for listening, help us spread the word socially, and make sure you are subscribed to the show in iTunes.

What do you know about the Samsung Galaxy S III. We have one article from BGR, and one from Android Community. If you want some more info on the Pentile display we were failing at talking about, check the wiki.

Here’s a link to the Republic Wireless blog update. Who’s in the beta? Drop us a comment.

Is the new Intel Medfield Android phone a non story? Why would you NOT want to get into the mobile space. This will be a big story, just not yet. Here’s some benchmarks. Would you buy a phone built by Lenovo?

What do you look for in an Android browser? Do you have different criteria for your phone browser compared to a tablet browser? I’m putting together a list of the best Android browsers. Have a recommendation? Drop it in the comments!

Let me tell you a story. In this corner, we have Oracle. In this corner, Google. And, FIGHT! Can’t we all just get along? The only people who win in these silly lawsuits, are the lawyers.

Let’s talk about the new Sense 4.0. It’s better, but what we still want is stock. Did we get enough sense puns in? This must be the worst string of puns ever in podcast history.

I looked everywhere to find a happy Blackberry story, just because I feel like we aren’t the biggest RIM fans. Apparently these devices are more secure than Android. I firmly believe it’s all about how you use it.

AotA app picks for episode 31

Joey – No Lock by BOD

Jeremy – Anti Terror Force by Angry Ninja

Seth – Where’s My Water by Disney

Mat – Seesmic Ping by Seesmic

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