AotA 30: Bootkits


“You gotta look good to feel good to work good man.”

Welcome Android freaks and fans to episode 30 of Attack of the Androids. I’m Mat Lee, and joining me this evening we are the three amigos. Joey Kelley, Jeremy Lesniak, and me make three. We have Ant Pruitt from YATS join in a little later in the show. What a great episode we have for you, starting things off with some Android security news, talk about the latest email phishing scam to grace our inboxes. I’ll give you a hint, it looks like it came from Verizon Wireless. Our favorite photo filter app sells to our favorite social network for a ridiculous amount of money, and some BlueStacks Beta news. All this plus our app picks on episode 30 of Attack of the Androids. Make sure you are subscribed to the show in iTunes, and while you’re there, make sure to leave us a quick review. I also write about Android during the week over on Stop by my author page and learn something new about Android. Check the upper right for our social buttons. Thanks for listening!

If you want to stumble us stuff, check out my personal Stumbleupon account. Listener Berger sent this article about the first Android bootkit. Check out the full article here. This is the first, but it won’t be the last.

Don’t ever click links in email. It’s just good computer security. You never know when you’ll be the victim of an email phishing scam. We almost were. Thanks for being smart about your computer mom! I’m sorry I forwarded you malware.

I’m not sure, but for some reason I really want the Padfone, which is different than the Eee Pad MeMo, which is what I mentioned on the show. It’s so confusing, and I’m supposed to be a pro!

Let’s talk some quick benchmarks from the guys over at Android Community. They put the HTC One X against the HTC One S. You’ll be surprised by the results.

How do you do the lizard thing? Oh and Instagram is still a joke. Now it’s a one billion dollar joke. Let’s review. A billion dollars for Instagram. Whatever.

Chrome Beta gets a nice update, adding some great multi computer multi device tab capability. I’m loving Chrome!

Check out the Intel Studybook Tablet. This thing is rugged, and priced fairly decent.

BlueStacks gets some nice download numbers, and a nice round of cash money raised with their new beta. Stay tuned for the next episode of AotA where Joey will give us a full review. Qualcomm is in! Interesting.

Does anyone have any clue what RIM is thinking? Apparently, according to Vice President of Developer Relations, piracy is a huge problem in the Android community. Is that true? Leave us a comment.

AotA app picks for episode 30

Joey – Radar Now! by USNaviguide LLC

Jeremy – Warrantify by Warrantify Oy

Ant – Animated Widget Contact Launch by Mobilityflow

Mat – SwiftKey X Keyboard Free by TouchType Ltd

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