AotA 29: Joke Off


“Instagram is useless, nobody needs it, it’s a waste of time.”

Hello and welcome to another gripping episode of AotA. Mat Lee here, joined by Jeremy Lesniak and Ant Pruitt on the podcast. Tune in as we discuss the weeks relevantly cool Android news, hardware, tips and of course, Android app picks. Click the title and go deep inside the show notes for this week with links to what we talk about, add insight into the show, and don’t forget our famed app picks!

Let’s start the show out with a great video from the self proclaimed funniest tech journalist on the Internet. You can watch that video here. How do you feel about Instagram for Android? Is it too little too late? Is it a pointless filter farm? Let us know in the comments.

It’s time to try on a new segment here on Attack of the Androids. This one is called the Phone of the Moment. Agree or disagree, leave it in the comments. According to Seth Heringer on aNewDomain, the HTC One X is the answer as of right now, at least for HTC.

The latest Comscore numbers are in, and Android is currently killing it at just a hair over 50% of the smartphone market share. Of course these things all depend on how you interpret them. Do you agree with how we did? Let us know!

What do you think about Android as a desktop OS? Personally, this new Motorola Webtop 3.0 is looking pretty damn slick.

And now, a trip back in time to revisit Jeremy’s minimalist fantasy. How much longer shall we carry multiple devices?

Five Android security threats you might not have known about. Some of these are silly, but then again some are serious. Is it possible to get the ISP’s packet sniffing software to do good deeds? Start letting people know when they are infected. It is your network after all.

Google Glasses were finally announced with this cool video from the Project Glass Google+ page. How many of you want this right now? Check out the comments in this Slashdot post, some of them are very thought provoking. For example, what happens when we get used to wearing these, and you take them off? Are you completely disoriented? Jeremy comes up with a profound thought in talking about the privacy concerns and possible effects tools like this might have on society. “It becomes a very sterile world when I know exactly where my all of my friends are, all the time.”

Let’s get into some futurist talk reading out of the good book of Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence. Where do you think the UI is going to go? Or better yet, where do you want to pretend to go today?

Google should just buy best buy. Get it over and done with, and just buy Best Buy. From now on I’m going to buy all of my gadgets based solely on the idea that you will think I’m cool when you see me using it. I call it the Apple Effect.

In other Android news, the Transformer Prime gets ClockworkMod Touch! This is a really cool way to add ClockworkMod recovery to your Prime.

AotA app picks for episode 29

Ant – SPC Music Sketchpad 2 by mikrosonic

Jeremy – Sense Analog Clock Widget by Factory Widgets

Mat – Black Whip by Rex Apps

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