AotA 27: Samsung Fanboy


“I refuse to use soft woods, mine was called oak.”

Welcome and thanks for listening to episode 27 of everyone’s favorite Android podcast, Attack of the Androids. Talking in your ears tonight is the usual cast of Mat Lee, Joey Kelley, Seth Heringer, Eric Finkenbiner, and Jeremy Lesniak. Check us out on Google+! We cover a broad range of topics this evening including some new phone hardware, some old phone hardware, some wicked crazy rumors about the Galaxy S III and Android 5.0 Jellybean. Cyanogenmod released a new CM 7.2 released candidate you can get right here. All this and so much more in this action packed episode of Attack of the Androids on! Keep reading for some links and of course, the crews app picks!

Did you guys notice Google had some sort of outage? Is that even true? We’ve heard the rumblings. Of course this must give way to a quick discussion about how safe your data in the cloud really is. Is this a first? Did you notice? Drop us a comment! I’m not sure how this gave way to a stock tips discussion, but sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Let’s talk about Seth’s next phone. No one has seen it yet, no one knows anything about it, yet somehow the Samsung fanboy in Seth makes him need this device. Ladies and Gentleman, the Galaxy S III rumors. One here, one here, and one here. What a great conversation. Is this your next device? Drop us a comment below!

Why should you care about the next big phone? Listen and we’ll tell you. Well, Seth will. He’ll try to.

Do you deny apps space on your device if they have shady permissions? What constitutes shady permissions? Privacy is dead, moving on.

Are Android tablets dying? That’s the question we’re going to dive into. What does Google need to do to save Android tablets? Is it even Google’s job to save the Android tablet? Let’s talk more rumors.

Did you see the blog post about how Cyanogenmod will handle root moving forward. This is a really huge positive step forward.

The Google Wallet saga continues. Do you use Google Wallet?

What do you know about the cheap new Nexus Tablet? Let’s talk even more rumors! Is this the Kindle Fire competitor everyone’s been waiting for?

In other tablet competition news, is this Acer’s answer to the Transformer Prime? Check out the first Acer quadcore that’s $50 less than a Prime. The Iconia Tab A510.

Let’s do some app picks for episode 27!

Eric – MarketEnabler by rac

Seth – Mindjet by Mindjet

Jeremy – Tetris by Electronic Arts Inc.

Joey – Crash Drive 3D by A10

Mat – Angry Birds Space by Rovio

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