AotA 25: Minimalist Fantasy


“How many cores do you need for it to be everything?”

Thanks for checking out episode 25 of Attack of the Androids. This is a jam packed episode filled to the brim with great discussions about Android, security, and of course the short order random sidetracking that seems to have become our signature move. Guess what else? Our friend Sherwyn Williams from Infolookup came back to join in the fun, and he brought this cool survey we would love the AotA fan base to take. It’s about device security, and by honestly filling this survey out, you are doing your part to save lives…  Well kinda. 😉

Keep reading after the break for links and our app picks.

How fast can we get our mobile internet? Who’s ready for the Terahertz? Now that’s oscillation. Motion, movement. LIFE!

Next up we talk about the Android Market… I mean Google Play, and take a few shots at the iPad HD… I mean the new iPad. Speaking of Google Play, have you seen the $0.25 movie rentals and even better, the $.49 games? Better get there soon, we don’t think it will last much longer.

Good news for Android app developers, the 50 MB barrier will soon be a thing of the past.

Have you seen this cool Lego Galaxy Nexus dock?

Is your Android device infected with malware? Would you even know?

Is the HTC One X still ugly? I think it’s kind of growing on me.

Read Seth’s article on how smartphones have made us all paparazzi.

AotA app picks for episode 25!

Jeremy – MultiReps by Androiders

Eric – Ash by Konami

Seth – Screen Timeout Widget by Sisedi Media

Sherwyn – Cerberus anti theft by LSDroid

Joey – My Data Manager by Mobidia Technology

Mat – Gmote 2.0 by Marc Stogaitis and Mimi Sun

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