AotA 23: Command Line


“You’re a man, and men unlock their bootloaders, especially when the manufacturers hand them a nice little app to do it with.”

Here we go, another week, another episode of Attack of the Androids. Joining me tonight we have Seth Heringer, Joey Kelley, and Eric Finkenbiner. Join us each week as we discuss the latest Android news, reviews, and all the cool Android tips you need to know to fully unlock the power of your device. We start out tonight’s episode talking about some of the freshest Android groovy posts. Bogdan Bele wrote a piece on Ubuntu for Android: Smartphone turned desktop that sparks a great discussion on about the different Linux desktops, ownership over the code that runs them, and how our GUI’s are slowly turning to the touch interface. Good move for Canonical? Do you love Unity or Gnome? We stray a bit from Android at the beginning of the show, but all you Nix geeks are going to love it. Later in the show we bring it back around with a discussion about the new fablet craze, the new Motorola Ice Cream Sandwich skin, some great Android game picks, and so much more. Make sure you follow Attack of the Androids on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We also have a Google+ page if you swing that way. Keep on reading after the break for this weeks app picks! Want the show automatically? Make sure you are subscribed.

Here’s some of the Android articles we’ve been writing over on Check them out and if you like what you read, leave a comment or share the article on your social netowrk of choice. Either way, make sure you let our groovy authors feel your appreciation.

Bogdan Bele writes about Ubuntu for Android: Smartphone turned desktop.

Eric Finkenbiner writes the Asus Transformer Prime: Unlock Bootloader and Install ClockworkMod Recovery.

Mat Lee picks the Five Groovy Android Games of the Week. Please note the headshot screen cap skills.

Have you heard? It’s called a Fablet, AKA the Galaxy Note. Or the LG Vu. How do you pronounce that? Here’s a hint, it rhymes with pee you, and it’s square. Moving on, here’s some more Android stories we covered.

Barnes and Noble introduces the Nook Tablet. Looks like someone is trying to stoke the fire. Joey predicts the Kindle Fire 2. Mat predicts more Borders closing. Not those kinds of borders.

Google picking one of their own to be the new Google Motorola Mobility CEO. Probably a good move.

What do you think about the new Motorola ICS skin? Leave a comment below! Personally, I’m not a fan.

This Android charger is so awesome. I must have one.

AotA app picks for episode 23!

Eric – CatLog Logcat reader by Nolan Lawson

Joey – Fing Network Tools by Overlook

Seth – Splashtop Remote Desktop by Splashtop

Mat – MoboPlayer by Mobo Team