AotA 184: Douche Telecom


“Now I know what it’s like to be Canadian.”

Welcome to another thought provoking and inspiring episode of the Attack of the Androids! This week Mat Lee, myself, Shane Brady (ever so briefly) and Joey Kelley will delve into the latest and most interesting Android news.  Today we’ll be talking about the FTC investigation into Alphabet, the latest cellphone/cancer research and much more!  The best way to listen to AOTA is to listen LIVE!  You can do so by going to at showtime!  Enjoy!

Those of you who have listened to the show for any length of time probably know that we are fans of Nvidia’s latest offerings of the past couple years.  Lucky for all of you, Nvidia is currently running a promotion where you can get a free, second gaming controller when you purchase an Nvidia Shield TV.  Not a bad deal for such a comfortable gaming controller.  How much do you want to be a cyborg?  The folks over at Skintrack want to help you with that life-goal by turning your arm into an extension of your smartwatch screen.  By placing a few electrodes on your skin via a special ring and watchband, they are able to reproduce the touchscreen experience.  Worth it?  I’m sure most of us have heard about the fear that cell phone usage could cause cancer.  A recent study from the University of Sydney in Australia between 1982 and 2012 have published findings that show that there is no increase in cancer risk from cell phone usage based on their research.  

In some unfortunate news for Google and its parent company, Alphabet, the Federal Trade Commission is also looking into antitrust allegations in reference to the deals the former makes with device manufacturers and wireless carriers.  This investigation is happening concurrent with the European Trade Commission’s antitrust investigation.  If you’re a Pebble fan, and also Canadian, Best Buy has the entire pebble lineup on sale.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t notice that when I put it in the show doc.  Congrats to our Canadian listeners.


HTC is at it again with their weird phone cases.  The new case is called the Ice View case and it activates an app of the same name when the case is shut.  The case view has a bit of a frosty, retro-style which is actually kind of neat looking.  Hopefully the phone quality has gone up since the M9.  Now that Cuba is opening up to Americans, tech industries there are quickly expanding.  Case in point, T-Mobile has just announced new roaming agreements which allow phone, text and data roaming.  It is certainly a very cool, interesting time to get to Cuba. Samsung is at it again with promoting foldable smartphone screens.  Now they are stating that their first foldable offering will be available in 2017.  The phones will be OLED and are currently being tested.  Let’s be honest.  This sounds really dumb.


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