AotA 119: Windows Media Center Reborn


“I took a picture of my face and it said can’t recognize text.”

Welcome back to another episode of our weekly Android show. Mat Lee, Eric Finkenbiner, and Nick Carroll discuss the latest Android news of the week including the Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, GMusicFS, some cool app updates, make your own lightbright case for the HTC M8, the fallacy of Android first, this week’s app picks, and so much more. Thanks for checking out the show, enjoy the notes.

Image Credit: Phandroid

Image Credit: Phandroid

As you probably know, Amazon announced the Fire TV. Why should you be excited for this? Joe Fedewa has a comparative chart over on Phandroid you should check out. They look at the Amazon Fire TV compared to the Roku 3, Apple TV and of course, the Google Chromecast.

The Verge has an exclusive showing off a few screens of the Android TV. Hopefully we’ll see more from Android TV at Google IO. Sean Hollister wrote it up here.

Image Credit: The Verge

Image Credit: The Verge

If for some reason you want an app that will play your Google Play Music library, GMusicFS has you covered. Alan Henry wrote about it on Lifehacker. The way it does this is pretty interesting.

Image Credit: Android Central

Image Credit: Android Central

Google Keep got a sweet little update. To be honest, I’ve unistalled Evernote and am strictly using Keep for my notes. It works super well with the Moto X and touchless control. The new update brings UI changes and OCR scanning. Andrew Martonik wrote about it on Android Central.

Image Credit: Cult of Android

Image Credit: Cult of Android

If you are cheap and don’t want to buy the light bright case for your new shiny HTC M8, you can make your own for like ten bucks. How much is your time worth? You will also need a drill and some magnets. Killian Bell wrote about it on Cult of Android.


Let’s take a look at Dave Feldman’s article on Tech Crunch, the Fallacy of Android First. First of all, have you ever heard of the text messaging app Emu? Yeah, us either. We’re basically done developing for Android because it’s hard and not what we are good at coding. Makes sense. Plus, unless you are offering something amazing, why are you trying to compete in the messaging app space? Facebook already bought one. Note the comments.

Beware, for there be dragons in those updates. Well, maybe. This is pretty clever. Michael Kassner wrote about it on Tech Republic. I must have ALL the permissions.

AotA app picks for episode 119

Nick – Captain America: TWS by Gameloft

Eric – Threes! by Sirvo llc

Mat – The Adventure of Nolad by Kleon Videogames

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